Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program


We support the Sunflower

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program raises awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with hidden (or non-visible) disabilties, while providing needed support. The Sunflower is an international symbol encouraging inclusivity, acceptance, and understanding. We are proud to be the first college or university in South Carolina to join the Hidden Disabilties Sunflower Program.

We are a Sunflower-friendly campus

At the College of Charleston, our priority is creating a network of Sunflower-friendly zones by inviting campus offices, departments, and programs to complete the Sunflower Supporter training. The training prepares employees to recognize and respond to individuals who wear the Sunflower to discreetly signal a need for help. Trained staff receive Sunflower Supporter signs and other gear.

In a Sunflower-friendly city

Since spring 2023, several Charleston-area organizations have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program. The College of Charleston's membership adds to the growing local ecosystem of awareness and support for visitors and residents with hidden disabilities. 

Important note

If you are a College of Charleston student or employee in need of accommodations, be sure to contact the Center for Disability Services/SNAP (students) or Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (employees).

In case you are wondering

At the College of Charleston, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program is housed in the Office of Institutional Diversity, in consultation with Dr. Cindi May (Dept of Psychology), the Center for Student Disabilty Services/SNAP, the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, and the Neurodiversity Initiative. A complimentary Sunflower symbol is available upon request at designated locations on campus.