President's Diversity Review Committee

The President’s Campus Diversity Review Committee (hereafter, DRC) performed its work based on this stated purpose: The committee is to review, evaluate and make recommendations on the College’s diversity programs with the priority to make the College a more diverse campus by being more affordable, accessible and inclusive. 

Committee Members

  • John Busch, College ofCharleston Board of Trustees Member (Chair)
  • Conrad Festa,Former Interim President and Administrator of the College of Charleston
  • Debbie Hammond, Senior Executive Administrator, President’s Office, College of Charleston
  • Devon Hanahan,Faculty member in the Department of Hispanic Studies, College of Charleston
  • Linda Ketner, President of KSI Leadership and Management Development
  • Denise Mitchell, Institutional Ombudsperson, College of Charleston*
  • Keith Waring, Charleston City Council Member
Non-Voting Members
  • Michael Adeyanju, Director of Executive Communications, College of Charleston
  • Emily Carrig, Senior Administrative Assistant, College of Charleston*
  • Betty Craig, Executive Administrative Support Staff to the Commission, College of Charleston

* denotes no longer a staff member of the College of Charleston