Diversity Workshops & Training

Summer Series


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Diversity Workshops & Training Year In Review 

Inspired by the excitement of our College’s 250th Celebration, many campus members took a lead in learning about inclusion and equity. We collaborated with many different offices and programs, such as Multicultural Student Programs and Services and Safe Zone, to successfully create spaces at the College where campus members  felt comfortable to talk about sensitive issues. Many participants acknowledged their own biases, listened and connected to other’s experiences with inequities, and uncovered ways to make their classrooms, organizations, and departments more inclusive. Many of our enlightening sessions taught faculty, staff, and students to lean into the discomfort of awkwardness, recognize microaggressions, and connect to the human experience.   


In addition to these intellectually illuminating opportunities across campus, we added new education and training opportunities to the larger scope of our workshops that had a direct impact on our campus environment. These initiatives are: 

  • Department Equity Education Program (D.E.E.P.) with the Athletic Department
  • Access, Inclusion, Responsiveness, and Equity (A.I.R.E.) 
    • Digital Guides
    • Tailored Workshops
    • Signature Series