Diversity Education & Training

Division Equity Education Program


In collaboration with Safe Zone Committee Chair of the Multicultural Students Programs and Services (MSPS), the Department Equity Education Program (D.E.E.P.) is a diversity training curriculum built for departments, divisions, offices and programs on campus. DEEP reinforces the unit’s alignment with the College’s ongoing commitment to a globally oriented and diverse academic community. Using one or more of the options below, students, staff, and faculty are equipped with the tools to recognize, articulate, and solve challenges to equity unique to their professional discipline.  


Program Menu of Options 

Using one or more of the following program options, division and/or department administrators work with the Director of Diversity Education and Training to customize an inclusion and equity education program tailored to the needs of the staff, faculty, and students within their department, division, office, or program. 


Option 1:  Reflection Series is a virtual or face to face training designed to build knowledge, awareness, and skills to take practice-centered action in closing equity gaps. Led by the Director of Diversity Education & Training and Safe Zone Committee Chair, this four-part seminar provides staff, faculty, and students information about science-based methods proven to advance access, equity, and inclusion on campus. The sessions also offer participants opportunities to delve deeper into sensitive topics in a courageous, intimate setting. (Highly Recommended)  


Option 2:  Student Seminars is a 50-minute class designed to delve deeper into topics from the DiversityEdu module by embedding one or more seminars on race, equity, and inclusion into existing course or non-credit seminar program for students (i.e. Athletic Department Paws to Claws Program) or other regularly scheduled training opportunities for students within a division or office (i.e. Students 4 Support Mandatory Training). With a focus on application, these seminars offer students opportunities to discuss sensitive topics in an intimate, courageous setting while learning how to engage with the campus resources designed to support equity, access, and inclusion. 


Option 3:  Thought Leader Workshop is a single large group session hosted once a year by the designated department(s). An invited thought leader with national or global influence on building sustainable systems of equity, access, and inclusion leads a large group training for students, staff, and faculty. This option is an enrichment opportunity that is paired with option 1 or 2 as an introduction or conclusion for the aforementioned options.


Option 4: Community Cohorts (PILOT) is a compacted reflection series designed to expand on the concepts introduced in DiversityEdu to support student organizations who are actively working to strengthen their alignment with the College’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The perpetual design of this option enables incoming and existing team members to remain current on best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants are required to complete the online module prior to attending reflective sessions.