Program of Study

1967 Legacy Program of Study

Freshman Year

Legacy Scholars will enroll in the First Year Seminar titled FYSE 114: The 1967 Legacy and Beyond in the fall and will work with the Avery Research Center, CofC Special Collections and the Center for the Study of Slavery to fill gaps in archival materials from our Black alumni, particularly those from the 1960’s and 70’s. Scholars will learn about the linguistic and anthropological roots of the oral tradition, and record narratives from Black alumni focused on their memories at College of Charleston and their experiences during recent phenomena such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students will also enroll in ENGL 110: Introduction to Academic Writing (Exemptions may be granted due to enrollment in Honors ENGL 110 or a portfolio review by the ENGL department).

Sophomore Year

Legacy Scholars will take African Studies and African American Studies courses. Legacy Scholars will choose any major at the College of Charleston. The 1967 Legacy Program fits seamlessly alongside whichever major you choose to pursue!

Junior Year

Legacy Scholars will be encouraged to study abroad or do an internship, funded in part through our 1967 Legacy Program.

Senior Year

Legacy Scholars will complete a capstone project during the professional seminar to leave a lasting imprint and add your name to the College of Charleston legacy.