A.I.R.E. World Café

A.I.R.E. World Café

Open to all campus members, each World Café workshop is led by the Director of Diversity Education & Training (DDET). Throughout six sessions during the fall and spring semesters, these large group workshops are opportunities for campus members to engage across cultures, define threats to equity, and craft ideas that empower underserved populations at the College. Walk-ins are welcomed or reserve your spot—either option is available for attendees. Faculty, staff and students who attend the signature programs regularly are eligible to be honored with an A.I.R.E. Student Scholarship or A.I.R.E. Faculty & Staff Award. 


Participants who attend all three workshops each semester will:

  • Define a common vocabulary to discuss inclusive excellence at the College.
  • Identify challenges that inhibit a welcoming and supportive environment for underrepresented minorities.
  • Brainstorm ideas to create more spaces where underrepresented minorities can feel comfortable at the College.
  • Recall resources available to campus members to report discrimination and harassment.


World Café Schedule

Workshop Title Fall Dates Spring Dates
Session 1: Self Awareness 9/26/2019 2/6/2020
Session 2: Equitable Spaces 10/8/2019 3/12/2020
Session 3: Crossing Cultures 11/12/2019 4/09/2020

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