A.I.R.E. Tailored Seminars

A.I.R.E. Tailored Seminars

These seminars are small group extensions of our A.I.R.E. World Cafe Workshops tailored to the intimate culture and climate of campus divisions, departments, and organizations. With options to suit different knowledge levels, selected group leaders will work collaboratively with the Director of Diversity Education and Training to frame the 90-minute seminars. Registration for these seminars is set at a minimum of 25 participants and available to all campus organizations, programs, departments or divisions. 

  • Beginning Level Seminars focus on self-Awareness, empathy, and defining challenges within the organization, office or division/department. 


  • Intermediate Level Seminars build upon the beginning level by addressing dynamics of difference and facilitation of solutions and ideas. 


  • Advanced Level Seminars elevate participants awareness and culturally responsive practices by centering on refining feedback procedures and analyzing data to build cultural convergence within a group. 


How to Request an A.I.R.E. Tailored Seminar

Any campus member can submit a request; however, preference is given to those groups with leaders who attended one or more A.I.R.E. World Café workshop. Campus members may complete the request form to initiate our process of crafting a tailored diversity workshop. Use the following link to request an A.I.R.E. Tailored Seminar.