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A.R.I.E.S. Lunch Series


Access, Responsiveness, Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice (ARIES) Lunch Series  workshops are designed to help participants learn more about diversity on campus and in the community. Designed using universal learning guidelines in an  inviting and inclusive setting, each hour-long workshop features a special guest. As a collective, A.R.I.E.S. Lunch Series workshops advance the cultural competency and fluency of the College’s students, faculty and staff.


Fall 2018 Series Titles

When: 12pm - 1pm

Where: Stern Center, Rm. 409

How: Register Here


September 5 & September 6

Title: ARIES Launch

Description: This is a general overview of the lunch series, including defining the five signature terms and how they manifest within our campus community. Click here to register.


September 12 & September 13

Title: You, Me, We are Diversity

Description: We will examine the term “Diversity” from different vantage points to craft a more holistic understanding of its impact on our campus.Click here to register.


September 19 & September 20

Title: Identifying Interlocking Identities

Description: Discover the multiple layers of self-identification, why it’s important, and how it can affect self-efficacy. Click here to register.


September 26 & September 27

Title: Color Me Blind

Description: Introduction to the positive effects of being culturally sensitive and responsive to the beauty of every skin tone. Click here to register.


October 3 & October 4

Title: Sharing in Campus Pride

Description: Identifying commonalities among the interlocking identities of the LGBTQ community. Click here to register.


October 10 & October 11

Title: Vaccinating Stereotype Threats

Description: Learn to apply key steps that will reduce the burden of confirming negative expectations about one’s performance and potential. Click here to register.


October 17 & October 18

Title: Demystifying Why Pronouns Matter

Description: Discussing the effects of misgendering and learning respectful practices that create a welcoming setting for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.Click here to register.


October 24 & October 25

Title: Advocating for Neurodiversity

Description: Connecting to the movement that supports the civil rights of individuals with autism and other cognitive or neurological impairments on our campus. Click here to register.


October 31 & November 1

Title: Fan Favorite Title

Description: This workshop will be an enhanced presentation of the most popular session of the lunch series and will be announced a week in advance. Click here to register.


November 14 & November 15

Title: ARIES Reflection Panel

Description: ARIES Scholarship Luncheon honoring campus members who promote diversity in terms of access, responsiveness, equity, inclusion, and/or social justice. By special invitation only.


For more information contact: Dr. Charissa Owens at