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Biophilic Design

Biophilic design stemmed from psychologists who hypothesized that humans have an innate need to connect to nature. They hypothesized that a greater connection to nature would result in a greater love for life and improved psychological and physiological well-being. As the idea has grown and been embraced, especially in the field of architecture, researchers have been able to support the hypothesis: finding that incorporating nature and natural elements in design does have a positive impact on well-being. It also serves a dual purpose of promoting sustainability as we work toward creating a more eco-friendly world.

Named after the first African American graduate of College of Charleston the Eddie Ganaway Diversity Education and Resource Center will be the location of a biophilic design makeover. The hope is that by creating a safe place that nurtures life in the form of nature we will also be able to create a space that empowers the students at CofC, fosters dialogue around diversity, equity, access, and inclusivity, develops meaningful relationships, and promotes positive self-care.

To reach this goal we will be holding a monthly discussion series where topics such as diversity, socialization, modern day events, and more will be covered. The goal of the discussions will be to allow varying viewpoints to be expressed and heard rather than solve problems. To create intimacy within these discussions the groups will be limited to ten participants so make sure to sign up early!

To learn more about biophilic design check out this website

To sign up for the November discussion group on exploring identities click here.


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